In November 2021, we launched a comprehensive Anti-diabetic product range. (Play launch snippet here) By Q2 2022, the list is almost complete, covering newer molecules for Diabetes care. Our tagline ‘Together, Transforming Diabetes Care’ is now in full cycle through:

1.Ensuring Diabetes Patients have access to affordable, quality medications

2.Healthcare providers have access to newer molecules such as DPP4s and SGLT2 to manage Diabetes for their patients.

Randomized clinical trials on ”SGLT2 inhibitors have shown attractive clinical profiles, including weight loss, reduced intrinsic risk of hypoglycemia, and protection against cardiovascular and renal complications which are associated with diabetes.  The compelling clinical benefits of these “newer” drugs drove the dramatic increase (+558%) in the number of users. From a clinical and humanistic perspective, these “newer” drugs provide significantly improved benefits to people with type 2 diabetes.” Ref. Taylor SI. The High Cost of Diabetes Drugs: Disparate Impact on the Most Vulnerable Patients. Diabetes Care. 2020 Oct;43(10):2330-2332. doi: 10.2337/dci20-0039. PMID: 32958616; PMCID: PMC8051261

For Dawa Life Sciences, our vision of providing ”Better Quality Life for All” drives our processes, and we are glad to be a local manufacturing company offering quality healthcare in Kenya and the African region. ”Our vision for Diabetes care goes beyond manufacturing and accessibility. We aim to lead in improving therapy for Diabetes patients by delivering affordable, quality medication and we are working hard to ensure the vision is achieved. The progress we’ve made is tremendous.” Sumeer Raina – Head of Sales, Branded Division

Dawa Life Sciences is continuously investing in processes and partnerships as we go along. Thank you for being part of this journey. For more information on our quest to transforming Diabetes Care, talk to us through

Diabetes medicines remain prescription only. Speak to your doctor or physician for more information.