What an amazing day at the Mater Heart Run 2024!

This past weekend, Dawa Life Sciences proudly participated in the Mater Heart Run, an event dedicated to funding heart procedures for thousands of children with heart ailments. It was a day filled with enthusiasm and camaraderie as 95 of our dedicated employees came together, not only to support a noble cause but also to enjoy a day of fun and networking. The event provided a fantastic opportunity for our team to bond and reinforce our commitment to social responsibility, all while promoting heart health and wellness within the community.

In recognition of the exceptional efforts of the top runners who pushed their limits and crossed the finish line with remarkable times, we were thrilled to donate our Biofreeze pain relief products to aid their recovery. This gesture was our way of acknowledging their hard work and encouraging their continued dedication to fitness. The Mater Heart Run was not just an event, but a memorable experience that highlighted our team spirit and dedication to making a positive impact. Together, we are making a difference and supporting a healthier future for children in need.

Together, for better.

We are thrilled to share that our Animal Health Division (Medisel Kenya Limited) participated in the 174th All Breed Championship Dog Show held at the East Africa Kennel Club (EAKC) grounds in Jamhuri on May 11th and 12th, 2024. This prestigious event brought together over 200 dogs from a wide variety of breeds, showcasing the incredible diversity and talent within the canine community. Our team was excited to engage with dog owners, breeders, and enthusiasts, providing valuable insights and information about our extensive range of pet health products. From nutritional supplements to grooming essentials, our portfolio is designed to ensure that every pet leads a healthy, happy, and vibrant life.

The two-day event was filled with exciting activities, including dog agility competitions, breed showcases, and interactive sessions. Our booth attracted numerous visitors who were eager to learn about the latest advancements in pet care and how our products can enhance the well-being of their beloved pets. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited our booth and to the EAKC for organizing such a fantastic event. It was a pleasure to see so many passionate pet lovers come together to celebrate their furry friends. We look forward to continuing our mission of promoting pet health and well-being at future events.


Grateful for the opportunity to visit Borstal Kamae Institution and support their incredible work.

We donated food and essentials to the 30 children aged 15-18 years, hoping to make a positive impact in their lives. For the children at the institution, it provided a sense of hope and care, knowing that there are people who are willing to support them and their well-being. These gestures not only fulfill immediate needs but also convey a message of empathy and solidarity, which boosts their morale and motivation for positive change.

Together, for better.


For the past 30 years, Dawa Life Sciences’ mission has been to provide better quality life for all.

This aligns perfectly with our new initiative to tackle a critical issue faced by many women: period poverty.
-The Challenge: 65% of women and girls in Kenya lack access sanitary pads. This often leads to missed school days, work absences, and even health complications. Traditional disposable options are also not affordable to many.

-Dawa Life Sciences Solution: In October 2023, we launched Hani Menstrual Cup, offering it an affordable cost.

-Dawa Life Sciences’ Festive Solution: We’re excited to announce a new program where we’ll be donating a menstrual cup to a woman in need for every purchase made this Christmas. Menstrual cups are reusable, offering a sustainable & cost-effective alternative to disposable products, empowering women to manage their periods with dignity and confidence.

Here’s how to participate in this Festive’ Challenge:

Together, let’s make a significant difference in the lives of women in need. To learn more about this initiative and discuss how you can get involved contact +254 745660133 or communications@dawalifesciences.com

All payments are to be made to Dawa Limited Paybill:

The menstrual cups will be donated to women and girls at free medical camps from December 2023 to June 2024.
We look forward to partnering with you to create a more empowered and equitable future for women.

We provided free check-up and medicines to 305 individuals, while also supporting 192 women with free Hani menstrual cups at a recent medical camp on Kenyatta Road – Juja, Saturday 25th November 2023.

Empowering communities one medical camp at a time.


Last weekend, Dawa Life Sciences, KEL Chemicals, KWS and the community at Kilimambogo came together for a monumental tree planting initiative.

Guided by the KWS experts, we meticulously planted 1400 trees, carefully selected to thrive in the area’s unique ecosystem. Each tree represented a promise for a cleaner, healthier future for the area and its residents.

The impact of this tree planting event extends far beyond the immediate visual transformation of the landscape. The 1400 trees will serve as green lung, purifying the air, providing shade, and supporting biodiversity. Moreover, they will act as a catalyst for community engagement, encouraging conversations about sustainability, climate change, and the importance of preserving our natural heritage.

As these trees take root and flourish, they serve as a reminder of the potential within us to nurture and protect the environment.

The success of this tree planting event is a story of hope, determination, and the enduring belief that we can, and must, make a difference in the world. Together, we have planted the seeds of a sustainable future, and as these trees grow, so does our collective commitment to preserving the beauty of our planet for generations to come.

#CarbonCredits #Sustainability

We had a remarkable experience at the Universal Healthcare Event, recently held at K.I.C.C, where we had the privilege to showcase our comprehensive pharmaceuticals portfolio aimed at advancing accessible and affordable healthcare solutions for Kenya and the region.

The Event served as a platform for passionate discussions about the future of healthcare accessibility and affordability. It was inspiring to connect with policymakers, healthcare professionals, and innovators who are dedicated to ensuring that healthcare is a fundamental right for every individual, regardless of their background or location.

We unveiled our diverse range of pharmaceutical products, each meticulously crafted to address a spectrum of health needs. From life-saving medications to innovative treatments, our portfolio reflects our commitment to creating a healthier country, healthier Africa. We were honored to meet the President. H.E William S. Ruto, Health CS Susan Nakhumicha, Nairobi Governor Sakaja Johnson and Pharmacy and Poisons Board C.E.O, Dr. Fred Siyoi among other delegates.

We are immensely proud of the partnerships we have cultivated with healthcare providers, governments, and other organizations; Together, we are working towards the common goal of making essential medications accessible to all. Our collaborative efforts continue to drive progress, enabling us to reach underserved communities and transform lives.

Feel free to reach out and connect with our team; communications@dawalifesciences.com. Together, For Better.

Dawa Life Sciences team shared an exciting experience during the Faraja Cancer Walk /Run held at Muguga grounds, Karlo. As silver sponsors for the event which had over 1000 attendees, it was a collective journey towards strengthening our bonds, promoting wellness, and fostering a spirit of teamwork.

We stepped out into nature, leaving behind our desks and devices, to breathe in the fresh air and soak in the natural beauty around us. There’s something incredibly refreshing about taking our meetings from the boardroom to the open trails, connecting with each other amidst the rustling leaves and the gentle breeze.

As we walked and ran side by side, we shared stories, laughter, and encouragement. These shared moments created a sense of belonging and solidarity among us. It was inspiring to witness the determination and support we offered one another, embodying the true essence of teamwork. Together, we pushed our boundaries and celebrated every step, reinforcing the importance of collaboration both on and off the track.

We celebrated not just the distance covered, but the effort, determination, and team spirit that powered us forward.

The positivity and energy from our walk/run activity will continue to resonate within our team. It’s a reminder that when we work together, support one another, and celebrate each other’s successes, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

A big thank you to the entire team for their enthusiasm and dedication. Here’s to more shared experiences, more achievements, and more steps taken together!

Feel free to reach out and connect with our team; communications@dawalifesciences.com. Together, For Better.

The medical camp held in Madrasatul Taqwa, Marsabit was a success; we partnered with NOFMA, a medical association of young healthcare providers from Northern Kenya. The dedicated team of medical professionals provided essential care to 308 patients. Through unity and compassion, we’re breaking boundaries to ensure a healthier future for all.

The camp held on August 19th aimed at providing accessible and essential healthcare services and promote health awareness to the local community, particularly those who lack access to health services due to financial constraints. The camp brought together a team of medics, volunteers, village elders and community members.

We are pleased to be actively engaged in significant initiatives that are yielding positive effects on the health and education sectors within our communities. For more information, reach out: communications@dawalifesciences.com


Our Animal Health division Medisel Kenya Limited had an incredible experience at a recent Veterinary Event where we had the opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge products for the healthcare and well-being of livestock and pets.

From insightful seminars to hands-on demonstrations, the event was a hub of knowledge exchange for veterinary professionals and pet enthusiasts alike. We were delighted to engage with passionate veterinarians, researchers, and fellow pet lovers, discussing the latest advancements in veterinary science and pet care.

We unveiled a range of innovative products designed to enhance the health and happiness of our animal companions. From advanced diagnostic tools to state-of-the-art wellness solutions, our products are tailored to meet the diverse needs of pets, ensuring they lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who visited our booth, shared their experiences, and discussed the future of veterinary medicine with us. Your insights are invaluable and inspire us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in the field.

Feel free to reach out and connect with our team; communications@dawalifesciences.com. Together, For Better.