Cychlotix 55% EC

Therapeutic Class: Combination Acaricide.
Generic Name: Synthetic Pyrethroid + Organo Phosphate.
Active Ingredients: Chlorpyrifos 500g/L + Cypermethrin 50g/L.
Indications: Cychlotix™ 55%EC is indicated for control of ticks, flies, fleas and mites on livestock.
Application: Cychlotix™ 55% EC is an emulsifiable concentrated formulation which must be diluted with water for use as a spray. Premix the required quantity of concentrate with approximately 10 times its volume of water before addition to the bulk of the water in a spray pump. Hand Spray; Dilution: 10ml Cychlotix™ 55% EC in 10 Litres of water. Ensure complete wetting. Treatment Intervals; For tick and mite control; Recommended every week.
Pack Sizes: 20ml, 50ml,100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1,000ml.