Daltix-100 EC

Therapeutic Class: Acaricide
Generic Name: Synthetic Pyrethroid
Active Ingredients: Alpha-cypermethrin 10% w/v.
Indications: For the control of ticks, flies and fleas on cattle, sheep and goats.
Application: Daltix 100EC must be diluted in water before use. Premix the required quantity of concentrate with about 10 times its volume of water and stir thoroughly before pouring the mixture into the knapsack sprayer. Stir the wash well before commencing spraying. Use 10 ml Daltix 100 EC in 20 litres of water. Ensure thorough wetting of animals particularly the ears, horn base, face and neck, the muzzle and spray and wet the entire animal.
Pack Sizes: 20ml, 50ml,100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1,000ml.