Amprolium 20% w/w

Therapeutic name: Antiprotozoal
Generic name: Anticoccidial
Active ingredients: Amprolium Hydrochloride 200mg
Indications. It is used as a preventive or therapeutic agent against Eimeria infections in poultry, especially E. tenella, E. necatrix, E. acervulina and E. praecox. It is effective against other protozoal infections like Histomoniasis (Blackhead) in poultry and turkeys against coccidiosis in calves, sheep and goats and against amoebiasis in various species. It is safe to use in layers.
Dosage and Administration: For oral administration. Calves, sheep and goats: Preventive: 1gm per 40kg body weight through drinking water or milk for 7-14 days. Curative: 1gm per 20kg body weight through drinking water or milk for 5 days. Medicated water or milk should be used immediately. Poultry: Water for 1-2weeks. Curative: 1gm per 1.5-2litres of drinking water for 2-5 days. Medicated water should be discarded after 24 hours.
Pack sizes: 50gm, 100gm & 250gm sachet.