Dawa Boost-Extra

Therapeutic name: Nutritional Supplement
Generic name: Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids
Active Ingredients: Each gram powder contains; Vitamin A 15250IU, Vitamin D3 4500IU, Vitamin E 1.36IU, Vitamin K 4.5mg, Vitamin B2 4.5mg, Vitamin B6 2.35mg, Vitamin B12 11.5mcg, Vitamin C 1g, Niacin 16.75mg, Methionine 10.2mg, Lysine 15.25mg, Zinc Sulphate 12.25mg, Copper Sulphate 12.25mg, Manganese Sulphate 12.55mg, Sodium Chloride 50mg, Sodium Sulphate 210mg, Potassium Chloride 88mg, Soluble base (Dextrose) to 1gm
  • Provision of essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) in animals.
  • Treatment and prevention of vitamin deficiencies and/or nutritional diseases in livestock especially young and debilitated animals.
  • Improvement of egg production, weight gain, growth, production performance and reproduction in livestock.
  • Management of stress resulting from various causes e.g. handling, transport, temperature fluctuation, vaccination etc.
  • As an aid to recover after treatment of coccidiosis, worm infestation, bacterial or viral infections.
  Dosage and Administration: By oral route after dissolving in drinking water or mixing with mash feed administered over 6 days of continuous treatment. Poultry: 10gm per 20litres of water or 10gm per 10kg of feed. Sheep and goats: 5-10gmper animal. Calves and Pigs: 5-10gm per animal. Lambs and Kids: 5gm per animal. Cattle and horses: 10-20gm per animal. 15gm per 100layers/breeders or 2-5gm per 100chicks. Withdrawal period from the last day of treatment: Nil.
Pack sizes: 1kg, 500g & 100g sachet.