Dawa Cleanse

Therapeutic name: Disinfectant
Generic name: Quarternary Ammonium Compound and Glutaraldehyde
Active Ingredients:      Glutaraldehyde Solution 15% w/v, Banzalkonium Chloride 10%w/v, Excipients q.s.
Indications: It is an effective disinfectant even in the presence of organic matter against diseases causing bacteria, viruses and fungi. Can be used on all surfaces and equipment generally used in animal quarters. It has a residual effect of seven days.
Dosage and Administration: Direction for use disinfecting surfaces. 1:400 parts water (25ml/10litres of water) at a rate of 300ml per square meter of surface area. Dipping (foot and wheel baths) 1:100 parts water (100ml/10litres of water) to be replaced every two weeks. Dosing of drinking water 1:3000parts water (10ml/30litres). Apply twice a week or drinking water may be treated continuously if necessary.
Pack sizes: 1litre jerrycan, 500ml & 100ml bottle