Dawa Tylosin

Therapeutic Class: Antimicrobial
Generic name: Macrolide
Active ingredients: Tylosin tartrate 200 mg
Indications: Infections caused by micro-organisms sensitive to tylosin, including respiratory infections, vibrionic dysentery in pigs, mycoplasmosis, foot rot, mastitis, metritis, cystitis, post-operative infections in cattle, pig, sheep and goats.
Dosage and Administration: For intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. Cattle: 3.0-5.0ml per 100kg bodyweight daily. Calf: 1.5-2.0ml per 50kg bodyweight daily. Pigs: 1.2- 5ml per 50kg bodyweight daily. All doses for 1-5consecutive days. Withdrawal period from the last day of treatment; Meat: 28 days Milk: 4 days
Pack Sizes: 50ml and 100ml bottle.