Dawasole Poultry

Therapeutic name: Anthelmintic
Generic name: Levamisole
Active Ingredients: 75mg Levamisole Hydrochloride per 1ml
Indications: Dawasole poultry is a broad spectrum anthelmintic used in treatment of nematode infection in poultry. Very active against mature and immature ascaridia, capillaria and Heterakis spp. And can be used against amidostrium (gizzard worm) infection in geese and syngamus in turkeys.
Dosage and Administration: Add 50ml Dawasole poultry per20litres of drinking water. Remove all other water sources for 6-8hours or until the solution has been drunk. Withdrawal period from the last day of treatment: Eggs 14days. Meat 14days.
Pack sizes: 50ml & 100ml