Medisel Light Kaolin

Therapeutic name: Anti-diarrhoeal
Generic name: Light Kaolin
Active Ingredients: Hydrated Aluminium Silicate
Indications: Treatment of enteritis & scours (diarrhoea) in all livestock. Absorb bacterial toxin (poisons) in the gut reducing the amount of toxic matter that might enter into the blood circulation.
Dosage and Administration: Mix in drinking water and give as drench in the following proportions; Adult cattle/horses: mix 50gms (5 table Spoonfuls) in 500mls of drinking water and administer as a drench. Repeat after 12hours. Foals, calves, sheep & goats: mix 30gms (3 tablespoonfuls) of drinking water & administer as a drench. Repeat after 12hours. Dogs: mix 10gms in 100ml & administer as drench or mix with feed.
Pack sizes: 250g & 100g tins