Medlick Stocklick

Therapeutic name: Mineral Supplement
Generic name: Major and Minor Minerals
Active Ingredients: Dry matter 97%, Calcium 18%, Salt 19%, Phosphorus 6%, Manganese 2000ppm, Zinc 3000ppm, Copper 1200ppm, cobalt 60ppm, Iodine 120ppm, Selenium 10ppm & Magnesium 1%
Indications: Medlick Stocklick is a custom made mineral supplement for beef cattle and indigenous cattle for fast growth, weight gain, better heat detection and conception.
Feeding Medlick Stocklick daily will ensure:
  1. Fast growth rate and weight gain.
  2. Better heat expression and detection.
  3. Prevention of cases of micro and macro mineral deficiency that result in milk fever, retained placenta, pica etc.
  4. High conception rate.
  5. Improved immunity against diseases.
Dosage and Administration: 100gm per day.
Pack sizes: 5kg, 2kg & 1kg pouches.