Therapeutic name: Feed Additive
Generic name: Feed Acidifier
Active ingredients: Organic Acids
Indications: It is a non-antibiotic gut regulator for poultry and an organic acids-spice extract gut acidifier supplement for animals containing propionic, fumaric, lactic acid, glucamannan, oligosaccharides and spice extract. Novacid lowers the PH of intestines which makes it difficult for gram negative bacteria to survive, gram negative bacteria strive in alkaline or neutral PH. The acidic PH destroys pathogens by fusion and lysis. The spice extracts in Novacid stimulates pancreas, liver and epithelium and enhances microvilli structure. Oligosaccharide in Novacid stimulates immunity, absorbs mycotoxins and prevents pathogenic microbial proliferation.
Dosage and Administration: 0.5-1kg per tonne of feed.
Pack size: 10kg bag.