Therapeutic name: Antimicrobial
Generic name: Antibacterial and Anticoccidial
Active ingredients: Trimethoprim B.P.2.0%W/V & Sulphamethoxazole B.P.10.0%W/V
Indications: Co-trimoxazole mixture (Antibacterial and Anticoccidial). Water dispersible powder for the treatment of infectious Coryza, Salmonella infections, Chronic Respiratory disease and caecal Coccidiosis.
Dosage and Administration: Add 5gm Trimoxol-Vet oral powder to 5 litre of water and give the birds for 5 days continuously. Withdrawal period from the last day of treatment: Meat: 6 days Eggs: should not be used for birds producing eggs for human consumption.
Pack sizes: 5 x 30gms, 10 x 30gms & 12 x 100gms sachets.