Saturday, 30 September, 2023

Step into Team Unity: Faraja Cancer Walk

Dawa Life Sciences team shared an exciting experience during the Faraja Cancer Walk /Run held at Muguga grounds, Karlo. As silver sponsors for the event which had over 1000 attendees, it was a collective journey towards strengthening our bonds, promoting wellness, and fostering a spirit of teamwork.

We stepped out into nature, leaving behind our desks and devices, to breathe in the fresh air and soak in the natural beauty around us. There’s something incredibly refreshing about taking our meetings from the boardroom to the open trails, connecting with each other amidst the rustling leaves and the gentle breeze.

As we walked and ran side by side, we shared stories, laughter, and encouragement. These shared moments created a sense of belonging and solidarity among us. It was inspiring to witness the determination and support we offered one another, embodying the true essence of teamwork. Together, we pushed our boundaries and celebrated every step, reinforcing the importance of collaboration both on and off the track.

We celebrated not just the distance covered, but the effort, determination, and team spirit that powered us forward.

The positivity and energy from our walk/run activity will continue to resonate within our team. It’s a reminder that when we work together, support one another, and celebrate each other’s successes, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

A big thank you to the entire team for their enthusiasm and dedication. Here’s to more shared experiences, more achievements, and more steps taken together!

Feel free to reach out and connect with our team; Together, For Better.

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